In less than 2 weeks, The Monterey Jazz Festival will hold its 57th annual event. Since its inception in 1958, MJF has had a history of limiting the number of women who are jazz instrumentalists while boosting the careers of hundreds of male jazz instrumentalists. This is a huge problem that affects the economic survival of the women musicians that are ignored, left behind and generally not supported. It affects their hiring for other venues throughout the year locally, in the state, in the USA in general, and also abroad.  The 'ASK' here is simple: That MJF commit to increase it's 2016 roster for female jazz instrumentalist headliners by at least 25%. MJF should reflect the values that California and the West Coast have always been known for in being one of the leaders the country in the arts community: PROGRESSIVENESS. 
Won’t you please sign this important action and become an agent of real change for the whole world of music?
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joey brite
jazz promoter & activist
Oakland, Ca.