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Testimonial from FivePlay Jazz Quintet:
"We asked Joey to help us in getting a good turnout for a concert. In only two months, she coached us and helped us promote, and we had a sold out show! Joey advised us how to creatively use social media, helped us connect with other musicians and media people, took photos and videos, and was a great source of advice. Her style is warm, supportive, and highly energetic, and she is generous with her time and ideas. Besides her marketing skills, she is also a talented videographer and photographer, and her years as a color consultant add to her skill in visual presentation. She loves the music and communicates that love and enthusiasm very effectively!"- Laura Klein and Tony Corman

Testimonial from International Jazz Vocalist, Diane Witherspoon:
"She is THE most energetic promoter I have ever had! I have to take vitamins to keep up with her!And she does it all out of LOVE for the arts, artists, and creative persons in her world. Need a career boost? Contact her, and if she deems you 'worthy', you're gonna 'rise'!" 

Testimonial from Harpist-Vocalist, Destiny Muhammad:
  "Joey Brite! She helped BOOST my brand 100%! Her intense focus on detail in utilizing social media to interact with and expand my audience has gotten me placement on radio shows and performance venues I'd only dreamed about."

        "Joey has a relentless passion for the performing artist. Joey's eye for promo art is fantastic! My concerts have SOLD OUT due to her creative ideas and suggestions on promo placement and video clips/ commercials. She treats every date like a 'campaign' that has it's own personality."

"My desire to move into the Jazz Genre was boosted by her insight in partnering with specific Jazz Musicians whose sonic calibre resonated with where I'd been trying to go. Through focused goal setting with timelines, she's kept me totally involved in the process of my own success, by helping me understand the deeper quality of the business side of my music/branding and artistry."

"If MAD MEN's Don Draper was to exist in real life, his name would be 'joey brite'!!!  Lol!!"

Need someone to handle those PR blasts for media coverage in a timely manner?

You need to focus on your craft - not waste hours trying to figure out how best to get exposure.

We at 'Behind the Curtain Productions' exist to help empower performance creatives & fine artists to become more visible and gain the audience they deserve.

Sometimes the best and fastest way to become more visible or gain a wider audience is via creative YouTube spots that catch you doing what you're good at. Here is a testimonial from award winning guitarist, Terrence Brewer talking about the video work done for him by joey brite from Behind the Curtain Productions:

 "The thing I like most is that they are NOT stationary video images, yet they still focus on the artists and the music.  It's not moving, "wandering" camera just for the sake of doing that.  It creates excitement."
         "Also, you know WHO is improvising WHEN and focus on them.  Most 
         'videographers' if they are not artists they miss the critical elements
          of the art."  

"You're fired up and passionate about the artists and the music and your business. You have to love your art and when you do it shines through in what you create. " 

"Also, the fact you're doing it guerrilla-style and it's not just from a flip-cam but that it still looks and sounds great is key."

Coming from a classical voice training background as well as musical theatre, vocalist  Mary Jenson  had just completed her second self produced album, Beyond, when she found herself beginning to seek help navigating the whole world of social media and how that can actually translate to 'numbers in the seats' at live performances, which leads to cd sales:

"Encouragement, insight, imaginative thinking; joey brite brings all of this to the table.
The most difficult part of this music business is self-promotion.  joey takes the "self" out of the equation and brings her considerable skills and insight as a "village" of help.  

You are not alone with joey's assistance.  I am thankful our paths crossed and she is part of my team. "

In a world full of so much static, let 'Behind the Curtain Productions' help you get the exposure you want. We strive to create packages of promotion that will be workable and understandable - both financially and user-friendly by design. We understand that creatives often work on tight budgets and at the same time are under pressure to get promotion out as quickly as possible.

Whether it's an initial set-up for your branding concept or on-going oversight of your social media visibility, 'Behind the Curtain Productions' can provide a plan that works for you.

Curious? Contact us for an initial assessment before you spend one more hour online getting stuck in a 'CHAT' box!


SATURDAY    MAY 10, 2014

Whitney  will kick off her West Coast Tour with guitarist LaRue Nickelson, SF based pianist Walter Bankovich, bassist Peter Barshay, and drummer Dezson Claiborne at Piedmont Piano Co. in Oakland, Ca. 

In 2012, Whitney was featured on the popular NPR program “Piano Jazz: Rising Stars” with host Jon Weber accompanying her on piano. Marian McPartland, the 95-year-old Grammy-winning jazz pianist-composer and original host of “Piano Jazz,” had read about James’ debut album, acquired a copy of her debut CD, 'The Nature of Love', and then suggested the producers spotlight the relatively unknown singer.

To listen to that show:


Mindy Fong of Jade Chocolates will provide some delicious treats.
Along with these sweet delights, some libations will be offered.



COMING UP THIS SUMMER…..Jazz Improvisation with….

MYRON COHEN: The Billy Higgins Legacy Band  * Musically Minded Academy  *  7. 5.14